How to Regain Our Lives, Our Liberty and Our Loot

The 2-Minute Freedom Challenge

What is the 2-Minute Freedom Challenge?

To we win back our rights and freedoms we must examine our attitudes and our beliefs under Four Pillars:

1. The Emotional Pillar
2. The Mental / Intellectual Pillar
3. The Physical Pillar
4. The Spiritual Pillar

Gratitude, Joy, Love & Compassion are the Antidotes to Fear & Shame

When we approach our day with gratitude, joy, love and compassion, our outlook on events is far different than when we approach our lives with fear and shame.

Can One Decision Really Change My Life?

“Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” —Henry Ford
He was talking about the power of our minds, the power of our thoughts to create the world around us.
And this power to create the world through the power of our thoughts and decisions is the essence of my 2-Minute Freedom Challenge.

Is Believing “I Can” Really All It Takes?

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” —Napoleon Hill
This requires effort, of course. 
This requires us to challenge ‘prevailing wisdom’. 
Most of all, this requires us to challenge ourselves and the beliefs we currently hold to see why we hold those beliefs in the first place. 
Is it because we’re afraid? 
Is it because we fear conflict with our family members, our friends and the people we care about? 
Is it because we fear retribution from our government?

Courage Begins With This One Decision

We must first change our own hearts and our own beliefs – if we expect to change the world. 
That’s where the 2-Minute Freedom Challenge begins – for each one of us. 
It begins with our beliefs; with our challenging those beliefs to uncover their true foundation so we can make an appropriate decision and follow that decision with appropriate and immediate action.

Will You Challenge Your Fears to See If They’re Real?

Are you afraid of someone who isn’t wearing a mask? 
If so, ask yourself “Why am I afraid?” 
Are you afraid of someone who has not complied with vaccination mandates? 
With all the evidence that vaccinated individuals can both catch and transmit the virus, you may want to ask yourself “Why am I afraid?”

Gratitude, Joy, Love and Compassion are the Path Forward

Until we can consistently approach our daily lives and the people in them with gratitude, love, joy, and compassion we will continue to be ruled by fear. 
And the people using fear as a weapon will continue to have their way. 
So it’s up to each and every one of us individually to put an end to that behaviour. 
Like Henry Ford said, whether you believe you can make this change or whether you believe you can’t, you’re absolutely correct. 
My sincerest hope and my most fervent prayer is that you will opt for the first choice – to believe you can – and join me on this 100-day journey to rebuilding our world based on gratitude, joy, love and compassion while using the Four Pillars as our guide.

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