Day 107: The Eyes are Useless When the Mind is Blind

“Impossible” simple means nobody has done it yet.

A great example is the 4-minute mile. Until Roger Bannister broke that psychological barrier on May 5, 1954, running a 4-minute mile was “impossible.”

The entire running world knew it.

Worse, they accepted it as The Truth.

Not Roger Bannister.

And the moment he stripped those mental blinders off the world, it became possible in the minds of every miler on the planet.

Over 1,550 people have now done “the impossible.”

So, my question for you today is simple.

What blinders are you wearing in your mind that prevent you from moving forward?

Is it “impossible” for anyone? Or is it merely “impossible for you”?

Either way, my bet is that thought is a big fat lie.

Get rid of it.

Be the Roger Bannister of whatever your field of expertise is, and do the impossible – if only to prove to yourself that it is.

#Impossible #NoBlinders #YesYouCan #Challenge

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