Day 111: A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

My vision for my life is nothing but a pretty dream unless I put a clock on it; unless I set a hard deadline for when I will achieve it.

When I refuse to put a clock on accomplishing a dream I have, I’m ensuring I will fail. I’m living on “Someday Island” where all good things come true simply because I want them to.

Someday Island doesn’t exist. It’s a lie we tell ourselves so we can continue to abdicate our responsibility to ourselves and our family.

No deadline = No pressure to act.

Deadline = Pressure to act NOW.

That’s why I love deadlines. They work for me because they force me out of my comfort zone and into that space where all good things happen in my life.

The same is true for you.

#PutAClockOnIt #DeadlineDriven #Goals #ComfortZone

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