Day 42: Going for the Gold Each Day is my motto

Going for the Gold Each Day is My Motto

This quote is just cheesy enough to bear repeating, yet underneath the cheddar is a serious principle.

Always do your best.

Show up in your life, every day, all day, and do your very best.

This is simple, but not easy.

It’s simple to say to yourself, “Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll show up 100% for the entire day. At work, at home, at the gym. Everywhere.”

Then tomorrow arrives and you can’t get out of bed on time, you miss your morning coffee because you’re running late, and you barely make it to work on time.

How did yesterday’s enthusiasm vanish so easily?

Because we’re frail human beings.

We can do better, consistently, if we take the time to build a solid morning routine to jumpstart our day.

Contact me if this idea interests you and I’ll help you get started.

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