Day 57: If You Don’t Stand For Something You Will Fall For Anything.

To restore our individual freedom, we must take a principled stand against oppression and tyranny.


Because Silence = Compliance.

If we refused to stand when it matters least, we’ll never stand when it matters most.

This first requires that we spend the time necessary to inform ourselves fully about the issue at hand, then pick the side we will defend, at all costs. If we don’t take the time to educate ourselves fully, it’s very easy to follow the herd and take whatever stupid position the herd did.

Following the herd is what got our world into the mess it’s in today.

We must – each one of us individually – stand on principle.

This requires courage, grace and dignity.

It takes courage to stand up to the forces of fear, shame, division and isolation we are bombarded with.

But what’s the alternative?


No thanks.

Be courageous today.

Because when you are courageous today, it will be easier for you to be courageous tomorrow. And when you are courageous tomorrow, it will be even easier for you to be courageous the day after that, and easier the day after that, and so on.

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