Day 60: I Am Powerful

Say it out loud with me.

I. Am. Powerful.

How does that feel? 

Write it down. Keep asking yourself how it feels until you exhaust the answers.

Look over the list.

Is it filled with positive emotion or negative?

Is it filled with empowerment or self-doubt?

Here’s the best part. No matter what your list says, you have the power to change it IN AN INSTANT.

Every item on your list is a choice. If you’re don’t like your list, then make a different choice.

It really is this simple.

I am in control of my life, no matter what situation faces me, no matter what it appears like to the outside world.

It is my choice, in that moment, to approach the opportunity with gratitude, grace and calm, or something far less empowering.

Choose Power. Every. Single. Time.

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