Day 82: There are only two rules for being successful – One – figure out exactly what you want to do and two – do it.

I view Fear-Free Friday as a day to give myself permission to banish my fear and take courageous action; to embrace my passion and my courage and slay my fears.

The larger goal is to live every day this way, but I love that I have set aside one day every week to embrace this value.

And isn’t that the essence of today’s quote?

What does success look like for me?

What’s the most direct path from where I am today to that specific mountaintop?

Will I walk every step of that path with courage and fearlessness?

And the next question is, “Who can help me and mentor me to accomplish my dreams?”

1. Make a list of all the people you think could help you on your journey.

This could include people you already know, but it may also include people you don’t know who either already achieved the dream you want for your life or they’re well on the way to getting there.

2. Commit to yourself to reach out and contact three of these people and start the conversation, if they’re willing, of how they could help you and what that framework looks like.

3. Next, make a list of all the people you know who are on a similar path, but not necessarily in the same field as you. It’s almost better if they’re in other fields, because they will bring a fresh perspective to the conversation.

4. Pick three people and ask them if they are willing to join the Mastermind Group you are creating. Yes, you can create your own Mastermind Group! Commit to meeting regularly, whether that’s weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

This is how you fast-track your success. I almost want to add a warning label here, because if you implement these steps into your life, you will rocket forward toward your dream faster than you believe is possible right now, today.

All of these actions require you to step outside your comfort zone, and that’s beautiful, because this is the path to feeling thoroughly human and alive, as well as deeply fulfilled in ways you don’t feel today.

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