Day 89: All Progress Takes Place Outside the Comfort Zone.

If you doubt that statement, tell me about the last time you felt fulfilled? Or the last time you felt exhilarated and truly alive?

Were you sitting on the couch watching TV in your housecoat?

Or were you well outside your comfort zone doing something that challenged you?  Doing something you’ve never done before?

For me, nothing good comes from living inside the comfort zone. It’s where all my dreams for my life go to die.

The same is true for you.

What is the one thing that terrifies you today, yet you know you can’t move forward any other way?

Do it.

I have faith in you.

Do you have faith in yourself?


No problem. Borrow mine.

I have tons to spare.

Just. Do. It. Today.

#Commitment #CourageousAction #ExhilaratedLife

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