Day 92: Above All be the Heroine of Your Life not the Victim

This applies to women and men equally.

Be the hero of your life, not the victim.

Today, far too many people relish being the victim. That’s wrong on every imaginable level.

When we play “The Victim” it means nothing is ever our fault. Whatever problems we have are someone else’s fault. We play the perpetual 3-year-old which, coincidentally, is how our governments have treated us for the past few years.

It’s offensive.

To play “The Hero” of my life requires integrity and strength of character.

If you find yourself making excuses or saying, “Oh, it’s not my fault” I must ask you one simple but difficult question.

Did you have a role to play in that outcome?

If the answer is yes, then you bear responsibility for that outcome.

It’s challenging. I get that.

But if we’re going to become the heroes of our own life, the very first thing we must do is step up, man up and own every single decision we make throughout the day.

And we must own every single result of the actions we took as a result of those decisions.

Part of being the hero of your own life is making sure you hold the people around you accountable for their decisions and their actions.

When you do that, when you surround yourself with people who willingly accept that responsibility, your life will change for the better in some really dramatic ways.

My challenge to you today is simple.

Every time you find yourself making an excuse, write it down.

Every time you find yourself saying, It’s not my fault, write it down.

Then examine yourself, your thoughts and your beliefs and see how you arrived at that total abdication of your personal responsibility.

And now comes the easy part.

After that honest self-examination, I want you to make the decision, the commitment, that you’re going to do it differently next time.

And then hold yourself accountable for doing it differently next time.

Simple, right?

It’s only by taking responsibility for our decisions, our actions and the consequences of those decisions and actions that we can truly become people of strong character.

That’s the only way we can become a human being who’s willing to live in gratitude, love, joy, compassion, and courage, because all of this takes courage. It really does.

But like everything else in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

So if you grab onto your courage and you make that courageous decision today, it’ll be a little bit easier tomorrow.

It will be a little bit easier the day after that, a little bit easier the day after that until, pretty soon, you find taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions has become second nature, which is exactly what you want it to become.

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