Day 96: Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do

When I’m afraid to do something yet I know it’s the right thing to do, Emerson’s admonition forces me out of my comfort zone – that terrible little dungeon where dreams go to die – and into action.

If there is something you know you need to do but are afraid to do – yes, that thought running through your mind right now – go do it. Immediately.

When we tackle our fears head-on, an interesting thing happens the moment we walk through that doorway of fear.

We find ourselves. We find our courage. We find our gratitude, love joy and compassion for the thing that terrified us just moments ago.

Challenge your fears. See if they’re real. They’re not. They’re just bogeymen keeping you from living a fulfilled life.

Don’t allow them to steal your future for another moment.

#FearFreeFriday #LeaveTheComfortZone

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