Day 23: Dreams are Goals with Deadlines

Dreams are Goals with Deadlines

-Diana Scharf Hunt

I love deadlines. I love outlines. I love knowing what I must do, every step of the way, to turn my dream into my reality.

Unless you put a clock on your dreams, they will remain dreams.

Add a deadline and work diligently every day to meet your deadline, and your dream will become your reality.

Simple 5-step Process to Achieve Your Dream:

1. Write down your dream

2. Write down your deadline for achieving this dream

3. Write down why it is so important to you to achieve this dream

4. Write down every major step you know you must complete to achieve this dream

5. Below each major step, write down down the three major steps to achieve this single larger step


Now, work your plan every day for the next 100 days.

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