Day 25: Silent Gratitude Isn’t Much Use To Anyone

Gratitude is the emotion we feel when someone does something for us or helps us when we didn’t expect it.

Being thankful is a great start, but gratitude is not meant to be a silent emotion.

Genuine gratitude is meant to be expressed in a tangible way and, when you express your gratitude tangibly, both you and the recipient benefit.

You feel great and so does the recipient.

A “Thank-You” card is good.

A “Thank-You” cake is better.

Cooking a “Thank-You” dinner for your spouse is great.

The more effort your expression of gratitude requires, the greater impact your gratitude will have on your recipient.

My Challenge to you today: How you will tangibly express gratitude to the three people who helped you most this week?

Share with me in the comments what you did, how it was received, and how you felt afterward.

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