Day 47: What I Do For My Work Is Exactly What I Would Do If Nobody Paid Me.

Close your eyes.

Imagine doing what you love most, knowing other people value your work and pay you handsomely for it.

How does that feel?

Pretty amazing, right?

This Fear-Free Friday, I want you to choose fearlessness and act with courage to go after your ideal life.

The path to your ideal life starts with clarity.

Do you know what your ideal life looks like?

Do you know why you want to live that ideal life?

How will your life change?

Most importantly, who must you become to turn this dream into your reality?

If you’re not crystal clear about the answers to those questions, book a 30-minute Turn My Dreams Into Reality Brainstorming Session with me to figure it out.

No commitment.

No sales pitch.

Nothing to buy.

Just a discussion of the vision you have for your life, what you want to accomplish and why.

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