Day 48: Hardships Often Prepare Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny

No matter how hopeless your situation may feel today, there is someone else going through the exact same thing.

These trials, as difficult as they seem, are preparing you for an extraordinary destiny.

When my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3C breast cancer, it felt like our life was over, but only for a few hours.

She never doubted she would beat cancer, despite the dire diagnosis.

Her courage, determination and refusal to give up were an amazing message to those watching her through this dark time.

She “Dressed Up to Kill Cancer” on chemo days.

She refused bad advice.

She did everything her oncologist recommended.

Her strength through that trial affected people in ways we never imagined possible.

How is your response to the trial you’re going through affecting others?

What lessons are they learning from how you face it?




Or something else?

You are in control.

You have the power to choose the courageous path and be a shining example to others.

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