Day 51: I’d Rather Be A Failure At Something I Love Than A Success At Something I Hate

Often, we stay in jobs that kill our soul because we can’t see any other option.


If you’re in that position right now, working at a job where your happiness is gone, replaced by boredom, complacency or downright hatred each day, try this exercise.

Grab a pen and paper, set a 30-minute timer on your phone, and list all the things you would love to do instead – even if you think it’s unrealistic in this moment.

Build a list of potential jobs that excite you. Circle your top three.

Of those, which one do you think you can transform into a new career the fastest and the easiest?


Start building your exit strategy today.

It doesn’t mean you need to leave your job tomorrow. It doesn’t even mean you need to leave it next week or next month. But if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life stuck in a job you hate, that’s killing your soul and making you miserable, you must build your plan today.

Otherwise, you’re left living a life of regret, a life of “What if I had the courage to quit and do something else?”

Is this scary? Absolutely.

Stepping outside our comfort zone is almost always scary.

But it’s where all the best things in life are found, including a life of happiness, joy, gratitude and fulfilment.

As Julia Cameron said, “Leap! And the net will appear.”

You will always be filled with joy, excitement and that awesome feeling of wonder when you act courageously to build the life of your dreams.

Build your list.

Circle your top three.

Of those three, which excites you the most?

Build your plan, then Leap!

And if you need someone to talk this through with, I’m always around. Just schedule an appointment at

No sales pitch. No pressure. Nothing to buy.

Just an understanding human to connect with and a safe place to say this stuff out loud and see where it leads you.

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