Day 52: Go the Extra Mile. It’s Never Crowded.

This is a great exhortation to do a little more than I think I can today; to do one more thing than I think I’m capable of today.

Going that extra mile means I must step out of my #ComfortZone, push myself a little further than feels safe and familiar.

The safety and familiarity of The Comfort Zone kills our dreams.

It’s only when we step outside of this psychological safety net that we truly embrace the world of possibilities before us; that we live a life of joy, excitement, gratitude and fulfillment.

Fulfillment isn’t found by doing the easy things, the safe things.

Real fulfillment is the reward for doing the hard things we aren’t quite sure we can achieve.

Scary? Sure.

Terrifying? Sometimes.

But isn’t living a life of gratitude, love, joy and fulfillment worth the temporary challenge of working our way through a little discomfort?

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